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In craniosacral therapy we also work with the meridians and accupressure points and this got me interested in using tuning forks on these points. I noticed the body responded very well to them and to other sounds and this led me to do a diploma in Sound Therapy & Healing using lots of different instruments: Tibetan bowls, gongs, crystal bowls, tuning forks, drums & percussion, vocal toning, monochord, shruti, rattles & shakers, chimes, rainsticks and Tibetan bells. 

Our body absorbs the sounds (we are approx. 80% water & sound travels very well through water) and the frequency from the sounds travel right into cellular level affecting our cells health and function, and works deeply and quickly, yet gently. 

Healing sounds also help balance our left and right brain hemispheres, manifest positive states of consciousness linking to mental, emotional and physical balance, harmony and well-being.  Sound can bring about transformation on every level of our being – physical, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual. 

At a cellular level, the internal part of our cells is directly and continuously connected to the external fibers by molecules called integrins, which communicate information back and forth between the cell interior and connective tissue system in which the cells are embedded. Through the Living Matrix, sound affects our whole body’s health, and changes take place in our immune system, endocrine system and autonomic system. 

Sounds can also alter the brain frequencies to the different brainwaves associated with the deep states of relaxation (e.g. alpha-theta and delta) that change mental states of consciousness resulting in relaxation, peace, calmness and healing. 


A Sound treatment lasts an hour and can be given to an individual, or to a group of people (this is usually called a Sound Bath, Sound Meditation or a Sound Journey). I hold Sound Baths regularly on the island, I provide thick soft mats, just bring a blanket and cushion so you're nice and comfy. If you have a group coming to the island and would like a Sound Bath for them, please contact me. 

A combination of Sound and Craniosacral therapy is a beautiful way to work with the body, most clients find it very relaxing, powerful and sleep very well afterwards

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